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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Some Kinda Life

Some Kinda Life
Four years ago, Neoproto Films was created, it changed the way we see snowboard videos. We were sick of the way videos were being made at the time, so cut and dry with no personality. We realized that snowboarding was ready for a change. We also realized that there were so many amazing up and coming riders out there and wanted to bring them the opportunity to show the world their love for snowboarding. Four years later, Neoproto Films is proud to release its third movie, Some Kinda Life .
Whether it was rail trips to the east coast, legendary runs at Baker, powder in Reno, or riding the endless winter in Tahoe, this year proved to be an amazing one.

City rail sessions, back country kickers, runs through your favorite park, and freeride lines with friends, Some Kinda Life brings it all to you. Being able to snowboard with your best friends is truly Some Kinda Life


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