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Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Mini

Check out this new joint. Fun park board. I think this is the board for Toby!

Check out the video: MINI

RS: Rossignol Snowboards /

TM: The MiniRS: Good to have you with us today The MINI. I would like you to tell everyone why you chose

RS and what brought you here today…

TM: it started out 2 years ago with the idea to make a board that was very easy and super light, that everyone could ride, from beginners to pro-riders, and that could provide instant pleasure. It did not take me more than 6 months to become real and we have been test riding since then.

RS: What do you do exactly ?

TM: I am so easy to ride and I am sooooo affordable. Plus I ride good man. I ride everything super good. I can carve, I can slide, I can ollie, I can clear tables, I can handrail, I can 5050, I can rockslide, I can go switch… I'm twin man. Plus I'm 25cm waist width and everyone can ride me, adults or kids, big or small feet, beginners or pros. I'm like a grown-up board without the drawbacks. You don't need to go fast to have fun, you just take your time and enjoy the ride. I'm safe, very educational and user friendly, unlike all other boards on the market.

RS: Where would you recommend your own use ?

TM: Depends where you're at. Rentals if you are a shop owner... Day-to-day on groomed snow with your snowboard instructor if you don't know what you are doing. Day-to-day jib and bonk and occasional rails and kickers with your friends if you already know what your are doing but want to have fun snowboarding. Day-to-day rails and kickers with your friends if you really know what you are doing and consider fun needs new standards.

RS: Anything else to top this off ?

TM: Yeah, I am patented! So I'm twice as much safe.


At 6:42 AM, Blogger Alex Jartos said...

AIGHT! Someday when I actually make it up north to go boarding I am renting one of those! Ba-bye skis. Hello MINI!

At 8:08 AM, Blogger Cam said...

Are you callin' Toby mini?


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