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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Burning Bridges Movie!

Burning Bridges Movie!

Burning Bridges is kidsKNOW's second feature, and the follow up to their smash hit, "loveHATE." Both projects were made with a several thousand dollar budgets. Burning Bridges looks less like a football game and more like a skate video. The people in the film are mostly casual, fun-loving humans. Some are tense, whilst others are stoned (like any group of people, really). When they all came together, it led to a lot of highs, and all of the lows. A lot of road has been traveled between this year's movie and the last, and a lot of women waved along the way. A new addition to the kidsKNOW team is a man named Daniel, who goes back and uses virtual reality cameras to improve every riders footage. Thus enhancing everyone's good time. We also guarantee the best soundtrack in a snowboarding film -- ever. Burning Bridges will not let you down. It will be the last video you still watch in March of 2006, when you're sick of all the other videos you liked more than "Burning Bridges" when you originally bought them back in September of 2005.


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