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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

My New Joints!

2005 Ride Fleetwood 158!

With the Progression Core and 45 degree Thin Con, the Fleet wood delivers a perfect blend of easy turn-ability with advanced response and snap for a consistently solid feel on all types of terrain. 45 Degree Thin Con- tapering the core and designing a deeper edge angle makes the Thin Con more assertive and honed to Rider input. Tapered tips and tails power swing weight for greater aerial control, and the 45 degree angle makes certain the edge will grip into the snow, keeping turns consistent in the hardest of conditions.
Board Specs At A Glance-
Board Use- Freeride/all mountain
Length- 158
Measurements- Tip/Tail/Waist - 29/29/26
Board Construction- Full Cap, loads of power- long time durability
Base- 1500 Grade ExtrudedTwenty-five percent harder than the 1000 Grade, this extruded base is faster, but with the same easy repair and wax absorbent properties
Edge- Full 360 hardened steel wrap
Core- Progression Core- With a tip-to-tail, rail-to-rail wood core for a predictable feel, forgiveness and proven strength and durability, this core is designed to instill confidence by way of a natural lively flex, making the progression from slide and glide to railing carver an easier, faster evolution


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